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12-30-2012, 12:47 AM
Originally Posted by unangbangkay View Post
The Sona ship was actually my first prediction for next lockbox/C-store ship before they announced the Andorian and Breen ships (technically the Breen ship isn't box/store, but c'mon, they're going to release it eventually.

I wouldn't bet on Data's scout ship, though. It looks like a fatter Delta, and playable small craft are among the store's worst sellers. If anything I'd bet that the next playable small craft will be a Romulan Scorpion. Makes sense given the focus on New Romulus.
Well there were different classes of Breen ships if I remember, Data's scout isn't really very big so it would fall somewhere in the shuttle/fighter category. I can see the Scorpion making it's debut as a flyable ship since every other carrier fighter has made to a flyable version, but to me the Scorpion looks too much like a flying batmobile. With Season 7 being mostly about New Romulus i could see a Romulan ship showing up in lock boxes but I doubt it would be the Scorpion, that I could see in the C store, I doubt many would gamble lock boxes for just a fighter.