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12-30-2012, 02:11 AM
It doesnt matter...they should have a repeatable ELITE ROMULAN STF that awards Romulan Marks instead of Omega...

Keep the ELITE Borg STF's we have now, but come up with a couple new space ELITE Romulan STF style of instances which awards comparable romulan marks (50-100) like the elite borg stf's.

You can sit there for 10 hours and farm well over 1000 omega marks in a day

WE need the same thing for romulan marks...not everyone wants to goto this boring new romulas crap and do the stupid dailies and repeat nebula rescue over and over again for 18 marks max...not to mention pray that we get lucky and get into the tholian red alert that is still broke

As it is right now, we can obtain omega marks much quicker and a much larger amount in a day than we can romulan marks..please even this out

I have done all the dailies on new romulas once after i hit tier 5 rep, i have done all the space dailies and the red alert and still can not come close in mark gain like i can omega.

I dont want to goto new romulas anymore, i dont want to do those dailies. I really hope they come up with an elite Romulan group instance that is comparable to elite stf's