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Originally Posted by alexindcobra View Post
What was that, buzzing in my ear?

Um, I still hear buzzing in my ear. Let me get my flyswatter.
go see a doctor for that condition. there shouldn't be any noise in your brain or ear when you read stuff.

That made me actually sad. There's so much more than SNB, but you have to fly sci ships to see it.
yes there is allways sensor scan, which is a very nice debuff...but for the argumentation here i naturally left out other benefits a sci may bring to the team, since sub nuke is the most important one in my opinion. of course each and every sci power is usefull depending on the situation, but the sub nuke just sticks out here as a purely PVP oriented power. It's useless in 90% of PVE content...the only time it really is usefull is in KASE for donatras torp strike and shield buffs and similar bosses...but those are rare (only the mirror dreadnought comes to mind, stadi or whatever name it has)
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