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Originally Posted by starkaos View Post
Depends on playstyle. Some people are rolling in Omega Marks. Some are rolling in Romulan Marks. Although I will mention this about Tier 5 in Romulan. You don't need as much Romulan Marks as you need Omega Marks. There is the Experimental Plasma Beam Array which costs 500 Romulan Marks, the ultra-rare scorpion fighters which costs 240 Romulan Marks, various consumable items which costs 10 Romulan Marks each, then the 2 space sets that are almost identical and some would say worthless. You get 750 Romulan Marks for finishing the last cutscene mission. So trading in an epohh elder and that mission reward would give people enough Romulan Marks for the useful Tier 5 equipment assuming you want 2 ultra-rare scorpion fighters. So we really don't need a Romulan STF. What we do need is easier ways to get Omega Marks since not everyone wants to do tons of elite STFs.
The romulan and reman space sets are stil 900 marks for each piece..and alot of the other projects require 500 or more for items..the amount of romulan marks obtained from tedious dailies is not close to on par with that of omega marks not to mention the amount of a players time it takes to complete the ridiculous amount of ground dailies and just having to be on the boring romulas planet. Like I said, not everyone wants to take part in that new romulas stuff..there is variety ground/space for omega, please give us variety ground/elite space for romulan stuff as well.