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Originally Posted by samb0wski View Post
I've still new in this game. Less than 3 months in and I am currently level 50. I've been using a Tactical Escort Refit for the past month or so. It is a very effective, touch little ship. Lately I have realized that as I have progressed in Ranks and as I continue on the Romulan Missions, the ships firepower seems to be faltering.

Up front I have a Quantum Torpedo launcer and the Hargh'peng, along with a Quad Cannon and a Plasma Dual Heavy cannon. Aft I have Phaser Turret and a Disruptor Turret.

Tactical Consoles I got a Zero Point Quantum Chamber, Warhead Yield Chamber and a Prefire Chamber.

All my Bridge Officer are ranked Commander. And the ship has slots for 2 Tactical, 2 Engineering and 1 Science.

What I want to know is, what can I add to increase the Firepower of my ship.

Should I get rid of that Quad Cannon in favor of a Dual Heavy Cannon?

And the Turrets, while extremely useful in giving an all round arc of fire, and especially useful in destroying heavy plasma torpedos, is it better adviced to replace them with something else?

Looking forward to your feedback and advice. Many thanks!
Originally Posted by empireofsteve View Post
I would go three dual heavy cannons up front with one quantum torpedo. In the back I would go for two turrets and a mine or three turrets. Make sure all cannons and turrets are the same energy type. Use consoles that enhance your energy weapon type only. For bridge officer abilities I would go for scatter volley three torpedo spread three, scatter volley two, two copies of attack k pattern beta one and two tactical teams.
Good advice on the weapon / boff layout the problems I see are:

1. You said your flying the tactical escort refit at level 50? its a Captain level escort so only has 2 aft weapon slots. so is it this ship?

2. If you like the look of the defiant and are willing to spend money you can get the Tactical escort Retrofit its the upgraded version of what you have.

3. or try

All are escort class and a blast to play with and have 4 forward / 3 aft weapons with a very nice turn rate.

4. If money is an issue and u haven't used your rear admiral ship token you might try:

very similar boff layout - LTC Tac vs LT Tac , 4 Tac consoles vs 3 Tac consoles

Weapons preference is up to you but it is generally better to run all the same type of weapons so you only have to buy 1 type of tac console. my general preference in the Defiant if you like the quad cannons is:

2x Phaser dual heavy cannons
1x Phaser Quad cannon
1x Quantum torpedo launcher

2x Phaser turrets
1x Hargh'Peng ,or Additional Phaser turret

in your tactical console slots you could run:
3x Phaser Relay + 1x Zero Point Quantum chamber or
4x Phaser Relay - the dmg bonus stacks without issue as i understand it

so if you have Mk XI Phaser relays = 26.2% base dmg boost from each console or 4 x 26.2 = 104.8% BASE dmg boost vs 78.6% for running 3x same console

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