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This isn't going to happen, and honestly, I can see why. Flightsims require a very specific set of spacial awareness and planning that not everyone possess. We live on a planet with very clear definitions of up and down. It is so hard for people to get rid of that feeling, that there are even very clear definitions of up and down in fiction, even when it makes no logical sense.

TL;DR Play Decent. You will learn what I mean very quickly.
Yet do imagine for a moment Star Trek Online with combat as deep and cool as the one in Nexus: The Jupiter Incident.

I will leave a minute of silence for what could have been.

As a small aside I do want to add space combat and dogfight games like Freespace, Starlancer, etc, have been doing this since the genre does exist and no one was hurt other than by the really good players' enormous ego.

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