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12-30-2012, 01:53 AM
Looks like most of the damage you took was from the battleship using Eject Warp Plasma. That will do some damage to your ship and cause a plasma fire DoT (can clear with Hazard Emitters), but is left as a trail behind the ship (it's a greenish cloud), so say out of its aft quarter if possible.

Be careful of keybinding more than one slot to a key. In some cases it will only activate one item, so you'll have to press multiple times. Talk to someone who knows more about binding than me.

Also, Science Team repairs shields. You want Engineering team for hull repairs (also Auxillary to Structural integrity is an instant heal and Hazard Emitters is a heal over time, both are based off Aux power unlike engineering team, but they also give a hull resist bonus). Teams are instant heals, so hitting one earlier just means you are healed earlier, it won;'t