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12-30-2012, 01:58 AM
Originally Posted by fataiityx3 View Post
Data's Scout ship could be a half-way between shuttles and Starships. From the other games that have included the scout, it plays like a mini-defiant.
I assume by "other games" you mean Armada.
That it had half the firepower of a Defiant in that game was mostly because the pulse cannon was the smallest weapon available in that game.

Another look at this would be: it was as well armed as the Romulan scout from "The Defector" that seemed to be pretty much like a Romulan Runabout, given its size.

Originally Posted by fataiityx3 View Post
If they gave it better stats then all the current shuttles, it would sell, plus it would be an excuse to make a new small craft for the KDF.
Does it really need to be "better"?
Wouldn't it be enough if it were different?
Between the Runabout with an Impulse Mod of 0.2 and a turnrate of 24 and the Peregrine with an Impulse mod of 0.3 and a turnrate of 33, there's as whole lot of room Cryptic can play with.

Unfortunately I think Cryptic wasted a chance to sell another KDF shuttle with the reskin of the Toron.