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Despite a rather negative experience, I have invested the resources to get a Fleet Corsair Flight Deck Cruiser ("Corsair"). It's a rather pretty ship.

I'm curious what thoughts experienced players have as far as configuration of this ship. This is purely for PVE, and please don't say "it doesn't matter". I usually find myself in a support kind of role, but I also believe every individual ship needs to be able to put out some useful damage by itself.

My initial thought goes something like this;
Foreward guns=
Dual beam
Dual beam
Beam array
Photon torpedo

Rear guns=
Beam array

To'duj fighters

Tactical team, AttackP Beta1
EPTW1, Engineer team 2, EPTS3, Aux2SIF3
HE1, Tractor2, TSS3
Polarize1, Tractor2

Projectile officer * 3 (chance to instantly reload torpedo)
Tractor beam officer (shield drain on enemies caught in tractor)
Maintenance engineer (engineering team cooldown reduced)

With a general strategy of latching onto a single target and pummeling into the dirt while handing out heals in larger encounters. I'm using KHG deflector and engine for the +torpedo damage and aux power, the Adapted KHG shield for the Resilience and the free power, as well as the Plasmonic Leech. Power levels in general for this ship are very high.

I'd like to stress that this is my first experimental build on a new ship unlike anything I've flown before (half cruiser, half science ship, half carrier) so there will be room for improvement.

I was also kind of thinking about replacing the tractor beams with two copies of Energy Siphon 1, which would push my power levels even further past redline. If I can nail my weapon power level to the ceiling, maybe I could replace a front beam with a second torpedo launcher to gain a bunch of photon DPS without sacrificing too much shield stripping ability?

Anyway. Please discuss.