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Thanks again kapla1755. According to that wiki site 'The number of Fleet Ship Modules required to purchase a Fleet Ship will vary based on the ship, other ship unlocks on your account, and other factors. For example, if your character already owns the tier 5 C-Store version of a ship, then the respective "Fleet Retrofit" will not cost 20,000 and four modules, but only 20,000 and one module'

So since already have the Captain level Tactical Escort Refit, does it mean i only need to get 1 module in order to get the Fleet Tactical Escort Retrofit?

The fleet I joined is new the 13th Autonomous Battle Group. I think the Shipyard is only a level 1 yard for the time being. Guess will have to wait a while for the Shipyard to get up to par

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You'll need access to a fleet that has a teir 3 shipyard and the 4 modules.
The exchange is the one on ESD or DS9,(search) just search "fleet module" under description. For some reson I thought it required a teir 5 shipyard but its very early so kinda loopy

The Hargh'peng is unaffected by any torp skills is why I put it in back. I leave it on autofire
And slot a projectile doff to reduce the cooldown.
Its got more pow and takes hazard emitters to clear or target gets a nice secondary explosion sometimes enough to finish the job.