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# 1 Whats the deal with Bullying
12-30-2012, 04:02 AM
I have a problem.
Got into an argument with some players in Otha (as happens) and for no good reason at all (the way I was playing) they started sending me personal insults(Trolling me). And then things got even worse when I started to send them insults back! It appears they feel they can insult me but not me them! Now they are better PvPers than I (they have been playing the game longer).

But what is making me upset is that even though I know that it's a PvP zone (although now I mostly go there for the mission). Whenever these groups of players are there they will attack me usually as a group, then start to spawn camp me & then keep doing it until I leave! And telling me I have to leave!

Often I'm there before them and they come and start doing this to me. So it's not even like I get the opportunity to develop my PvP as they simply dont want to me to play there! Or I'm set upon by 2 or 3 players!

But whats most dissapointing is that I have reported this behaviour.. And the message I get from this company is that the above is acceptable! Some of them have even made racially charged comments towards my charracter. (This was in front of one of my friends) who is also black.

I read another thread that went into a way of blocking these people out completly. So they wouldnt know I was there or vice versa. But I feel that this is getting beyond a game & is unacceptable!

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