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You will NEVER deal as much damage as an escort. That's their job. Damage dealer. You are a cruiser. A support craft. That's your job. Healer/pressure damage. An escort will NEVER be able to take the beating your cruiser can. That's not it's job. That's yours. -.-
And as Bareel, yourself and many others, have pointed out if you build an escort right you can tank anything and everything in the game, I've taken my Excelsior up against some bugs and they tank better than your Oddy. So I think we can have a little more damage, I have never said I want to deal escort level damage but if they can compete with us when it comes to tanking I think we can be allowed to compete in damage terms, not doing their level of damage but to be able to compete.

Even with the changes we proposed we still couldn't do escort level damage due to boffs so please stop exaggerating my proposals

Originally Posted by skyranger1414 View Post
Adam, Bareel.

Lets assume you DO get your improvements to beams and you do substantially more damage. Would you also be willing to give up an equally substantial amount of survivability?
The power drain reduction of 1 or 2 points and/or a damage improvement of 5% and Acc being accounted for in FAW is not a substantial boost to beam damage and yes I would be giving up that same amount of survivability, in case you haven't noticed most NPCs use BAs and 2 of the 3 fed side ship classes use BAs.

Also changing the way healing is done making it percentage based will make the higher stats on the cruiser actually mean something, as Bareel mentioned all damage boosts are based on your current stats yet healing is based on an arbitrarily chosen number in an attempt to find a healing balance between the ships which can never be met by this method but a percentage based system would provide that balance.

In closing I ask you both if escorts are allowed to tank like cruisers and lets face it we've all seen escorts tanking gates, cube etc, you two have said that your escorts can tank said enemies why shouldn't cruisers be able to compete on the damage scene?
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