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12-30-2012, 05:46 AM
If you're far enough along in your romulan rep, you should consider getting the scorpions. Forum feedback seems very positive for them.

Other than that, my own two cents and min/max logic says you should go all the way with a particular loadout instead of trying to cover all your bases. In example, if you're using your db's and torps, then that ream beam is doing nothing. Likewise, if that rear beam is being used, then your DB's and torps aren't. If you expect to broadside then you should probably run 6-7 arrays instead.

With that in mind, I would say this:

front: 3x single cannons and a torp

rear: 4x turrets or 3 turrets and a mine(probably chroniton or tricobalt)


tt1, cannon or torp skill of our choice. if you don't mind swinging your ship about to present your strongest shield facing then you can forgo the tac team altogether and get by with manual rebalancing

eptw 1, aux2batt or aux2ID or RSP, epts 3, whatever
eng team 1

tss1, he2, grav well 1
ph1, tss2 OR tss1, tbr2

Basically my opinion for group play is to group everything together so the escorts and you can blast the crap out of it. Grav well does this.

For doffs, I would use techs if you go with the aux2batt route, if you don't then use the ones that reduce cooldown for emergency power abilities and a warp core engineer. the rest is up to you.
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