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Originally Posted by tetonica View Post
I dunno, for me and my playstyle I find two copies of TT really useful. It lets me stay with my full weapons on target for a lot longer, if not indefinitely, than a single copy ever would, even with redistribute to forward shield bound to one of my mouse buttons.

I run DHC's and torps on EVERYTHING that lets me run them, and I like to get up close and personal when using them. Doesn't matter if it's probes or a tac cube. As such, I tend to hold full aggro most of the STF.

In elite STF's, I've tried not using my 2nd copy of tac team and I've found it unreliable since manual redistribution isn't nearly as fast as tac team's is. So rather than spinning around and getting my dhc's and torps off target, even for a few seconds, I'd much rather run two copies of tac team and keep all my damage on target. Heck, even the 5 seconds of redistribution downtime between tac teams can be enough to strip off a good chunk of shields sometimes.

If you add in the short damage bonus you get, then, for me at least, I feel that two copies of tac team is more useful than any other ability I would slot there.

As always though, my playstyle and situation play a large role in this.
Really I'd have to agree. You've identified a specific instance where it's very useful for your style. And in fact if anyone was going to duke it out with a tac cube they may want a couple copies of that skill. Heck, do I have two TT's at times? Yes I do.

And the voice over option for videos is still on the table. Just then I have the potential for viewers to really just not like my voice. I thought that at least with captions the video could be paused, read, studied, whatever was needed. Still an option though. I'm told my voice sounds like rocks being banged against each other in a bucket of monkeys.

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