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The primary reason for deborgifying Seven was because that makeup is painful to wear, and having to wear it consistently for several seasons could to lead to serious skin problems, but that doesn't justify her ending up as a bimbo in a catsuit, that was thrown in to appeal to the teenage male demographic, stuff like that is bound to happen when the producers are more interested in the Neilson index than in telling an intelligent story.
To be fair, I remember reading an interview years ago with Jeri Ryan where she said that the costume/prosthetics pressed on her neck, and she blacked out on set (probably why they modified it to the partial de-assimilation) but yeah, absolutely no justification for her winding up in the catsuit... None of the Borg children wound up in catsuits, they immediately wore civilian clothing (and to be honest, I always rather liked Icheb's sweaters ) I understand that she was hired to boost ratings, but that's no reason to degrade the woman and treat her like a piece of meat... (I feel the same way about Jolene Blalock's treatment)

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