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12-30-2012, 05:46 AM
i would like to see ditterrent pos for the neblula class that would respecialize the nebula as full science class with 6 weaping slots, engineneering class with 8 weapon slots, and tactial with 7 weapon slots.

the oringinal twinn strut nebula senor pod would be science with 6 weapon slots built in scenor scan+scenor anylise and 10% more shields and aux. with science commander and the rest of the officers universal

the tacatical pod on nebula would be the escort nebula class with 7 weapon with auto tactial targeting weapons and engines scenors and the weapons pod has automated phasers/torpedeo launchers also +20% to weapons. with one commander officer and the rest universal officers

the engineneering nebula pod woud be the extra mini warp necells with phaser boxes on all necells for nebula cruiser class that would allow +10% more power to be dumped into the energy array, shields and engines at the cost of -10 to aux. one commander engineneering officer the rest universal.

and maybe have a scout nebula class with no nebula pod, 6 weapon slots and all universal officers with +10% to engines due to being lighter with no pod and +5% to shields and +5% aux. or the scout nebula with +20% to engines at the cost of no bonus to other systems.