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12-30-2012, 05:51 AM
I dunno about you but most Sci Fi games don't allow ships larger then Frigates to do any big maneuvers taking X3 - Terran Conflict as a example you could barrel roll a Destroyer but due to the limited navigation thrusters it just would take to long to do it and would be pointless other then Defiant I haven't really seen any ship on Star Trek doing any crazy maneuvers and this is a ship who's mere size was often up for debate since they could never seem to decide what size the ship was ... it was different from episode to episode

even the Sovereign does not do any big maneuvers the only time the Sovereign flipped upside down almost was in Insurrection and that was because it was hit by the shockwave of the gass exploding and as i recall they took quite a bit of damage from it and a few people was thrown around