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Originally Posted by jumpingjs View Post
To everyone who is saying you would get disorintated, in my first Post I specified a "B Mode" That means if you dont want 360 then you don have to have it. Also on the 2009 film , there was some rolls and a go up. I am more wanting the ability to go 360 and roll more than anytin and have a b mode so if people dont want it ... Fine!
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no just stupid just because you want it don't make it fit the theme of the setting I have never seen ships in star trek do the maneuvers a true 360 direction would allow so it's not canon and it has no place in STO
How is it stupid. STO is not very cannon sometimes you know. Bu 360 does not mean you have ti 360 it just means that space flight would be more accurate, beacuse there is no up or down, but currently there is. In star trek there appears to be no up or down to make oit easy for you.
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