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12-30-2012, 07:05 AM
Originally Posted by eisenw0lf View Post
*le sigh*

Maybe Cryptic should make the -threat consoles only usable by tactical captains. The things you mentioned pretty much defeat the whole purpose of these consoles while engineers still don't do what they are supposed to do: aggro and tank everything.

Cryptic seems adamant in that they do not want to incentivize tanking, ever.

I believe the only Sci console that is not available with a +Threat modifier is the Field Generator.

So now your choice is to generate more threat (and no one was skilling threat control outside of PvPers or the tiny handful of Players who actually do want to tank) and lose Shield points per facing by the thousands.

Or your other choice is to get a free damage proc, and generate less threat.

Guess which one is the the undisputed favorite of all terrible PUG queue players (98% of the PUG queue population)?