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12-30-2012, 06:23 AM
My usual routine is:
1. Starting the day in Starfleet Academy, doing a history lesson to get dil and a datachip to sell in exchange, along with a finished romulan history-chip.
2. Beam up to ESD, to turn in contraband if any.
3. Update reputation projects.
4. Refine dil and throw it away on a project in the starbase.
5. Travel to New Romulus, to start a new romulan history project.
6. If lacking romumarks, i'll grind radioactivity until i get enough marks (to continue rom-rep).
7. Tag some and process some Epooh, for more marks.
8. Do some ISE, for Omarks.
9. Do the daily explore unknown worlds, in B'Tran cluster (viceadmiral and normal at the same time. (Working towards two accolades). (x3 unknown systems)
10. Explore another random cluster (x3 unkown systems), on my way to get the Explorer accolade(s).
11. Go to bridge, initiate all tactical missions that pay >=50 dilithium. Initiate all engineer missions that pay >=50 dilithium + fancy fabrication missions for EC.
12. Go back to ESD to meet Q. Go to winterland and get 40 8x10's. Research winter epoohs, sell elderly epoohs shoot a snowdemon and buy more jackets if applicable.
13. Optional: Doing a dilithium event/mining/fleetmarkevent if it fits with the time schedule.
14. Optional: Logging in my KDF alternate, to update her's doff missions, do the history in Klink academy, transfer all loot and dil and EC to my FED character. Beam up and travel to DS9, initiating doffing that gives loot, slaves, and dil underway.

It is a nice schedule that fits me. Very varied in itself, so i won't burn out due to hardcore grinding.
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