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Originally Posted by alexindcobra View Post
Look at this way.

Example 1: I hit EPE to make manuver around an enemy when he hits me with Warp Plasma. My ship stalls and makes me vulnerable to attack. I hit hazzard emitters, which not only clears the plasma effect but returns me to the speed that EPE gave me. That is, in effect, returning the buff that was nullified.

Example 2: I fly with my Tac team active, I am hit with Target Shield generator, my shield face drops, and I hit EPS to return the shield face to full and my Tac Team is back in effect. Anthother example of the buff being returned.

Example 3: I am hit with a Boarding Party and one or more of subsystems are disabled. I hit Eng Team and the all subsystems are returned to normal with whatever buff I had already activated.

Why would it be wrong for Sci Team to return the buffs with remaining times, 2 seconds or 15 seconds?

Those arguments are invalid. Because the effect of the buffs are not nullified. The buff itself stays active, but your overall perfomance goes down. So when you clear the debuff, the buff isnt reactivated, because it was never nullified.

1. EptE is still working. You are moving faster than a ship without it, even though both suffer from EWP.

2. TT is still working, the other shield facings are still redistributing when hit. Its just your (lets say you get hit with BTS from aft) aft shield emitter goes offline. It comes online when you use EptS. But TT is still working even with one shield facing deactivated.

3.The Buffs still work. If the subsystems are offline, its still active, but cant buff, since the subsystem is offline. So of course, with the subsystem coming online the buffs do their work like nothing happened. But they werent canceled.

Subnuke doesnt attack the Subsystems or their abilities (like EWP slowing you down instead taking your engines offline), it attacks the buffs itself and there is no work to reactivate them while they have CD. That is the grand power of it. If you could just nullify that power with ST, it becomes worthless. A Sci nerf nobody understanding the game mechanics would want.

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