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Originally Posted by earwigvr6 View Post
Thanks for the advice. Will start to build a new ship in the next week or so.

When you say not to use the +Beam console with the +Poloron console, does this mean they do not stack well ? How do you know what stacks and what does not ?

Also saying about using different types of sheild enhancers and hazard emmiters, when I use anything remotely similar, activating one appears to start the countdown on the other aswell ?
energy specific consoles give higher bonuses at the same level than general energy damage consoles.

PS. if you got the thunderchild and Heavy Escort carrier ships. the dual point defense consoles tend to kill most things within 5 KM of you.

some skills also have global cooldowns that are shared, like all the Team abilities... like Eng team, Sci team, also i believe Hazard Emitters and Polarize Hull share cooldowns...
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