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12-30-2012, 08:25 AM
Originally Posted by aquitaine985 View Post
If its generic trash talk then i'm all for it. This is PVP, sir!

If it really is rather bad, and they're being racist then search their fleet, either find their website and enquire the name of the fleet leader, or just take a wild guess based on the names that appear.

Feel free to link him/her this thread.

I'm enouraged by the positive feedback! And I am all for banter as it can make PvP engagements mean more! And even though I only get 1 kill out of 20 deaths ATM it still feels sweet & it's worth the reaction I get from them.

But there has to be a time when enough is enough. Like I said I accept it's a PvP zone. But things like spawn camping (solved by random regional spawning), especially when I was there first, Racism, obviously. Is beyond the point where you can say it's part of the game!
Even if your asking to be left alone or at the very least not to be verbally abused! That should be respected!

I know who these players are & I can link them here... only one of them was vocal when he saw the race of my toon.. Although I'm sure it was a matter for conversation amoungst them.

So I'll keep what you say in mind & may post an update here if I need to. Hopefully a few will be reading this and that will be enough! And to be honest I dont really want to do that as it seems... immature?!

In fact I didnt even want to air this 'dirty laundry' publicly here on the forums..
But what else can I do? I reported them.. I asked them... So what now give them what they want & stop going to Otha?
Or stop playing the game?