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Originally Posted by weylandjuarez View Post
That option should've been unlocked when you got KHG Elite Commander pre-Season 7 - in the Rep system it's the Type 3 costume unlock I believe.

In order to get the costume you had to complete the optionals on all the Elite STFs (barring the Hive ones) - not just the ground missions - but I'm assuming you've done that.

I have it for my KDF Sci but I earned it in Season 6 - given the costume bugs that have showed up in S7, I can only assume this is a transitional bug too.

Contacting the GMs/filing a ticket is likely your only option I'm afraid
Thanks for the reply!

I had the MK XII shield and MK XII Armor prior to S7 as well as completing all Elite optionals (ground and space)

Once I ran the upgrade project for the MK XII Weapon - I got the message for the Elite Commander accolade completion. (But I did the Costume 2 and costume 3 unlock projects as well.)

The only STF accolade I'm missing is the one for all optionals for normal ground - could that be it?