Thread: Fleet PvP?
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12-30-2012, 07:53 AM
I think something along these lines is a great idea.

I think they could incorporate it in to the PVP queue, and then each fleet takes a side and they do a series of pvp fights. The queue would only allow fleet members on the appropriate team. The rewards should be greater because it will be more of a hassle to get a fleet team together than a pug team, or even a non fleet premade.

Extending existing game features instead of doing something completely new should make it easier and faster to implement.

As far as canon goes, fed v fed and kdf v kdf will be practice battles, and fed v kdf can be actual attacks and defense etc. It would be cool if the Defenders had some map advantages, ie like the starbase would fire or deploy fighters or something, but had some less people.

15 to 5 seems like extremely not the right numbers

Something like 10 to 7, or 5 to 3 seems like it might work though.

One good idea would be to scale the rewards so that the more people who take part in the battle means more rewards for everyone. This would encourage fleets to get as many members invovled as ossible, as well as to try to get 17+ people.

Lastly, I think it would be great if Fleet battle records were kept for something like this, so that you could check out your Fleet's record overall as well as vs other fleets. This would be all text, so it should be easy to implement. It would also add a sense of long term accomplishment to have your fleet do well, or try to improve.

This is not territorial pvp which would be even better, but this would make a great fleet pvp feature that should not be too difficult to include in the game.