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12-30-2012, 08:56 AM
Not against a new type of gameplay, and it puzzles me people are? But I think there are better candidates first.

Dominion / Cardassian

There were independent species and races in star trek from time to time, rather than neutral call it independent and it'd work better. This way you could include any mini factions that you like under one umbrella.

My personal preference is individual mini factions that you can level up in, maybe 10-20 levels or so. So you'd level romulan for romulan ships, pvp etc. With the best foundry missions being voted on and used to make the episodes. Sort of like what we have now, only they get a base in their own sector of space (which already exists), ships which we already have a start in and the pvp queues are (any) faction vs your faction.

All in all much of its already there if the went with romulan/cardassian etc, if we are just waiting on missions well take the best mini faction missions as the storylines. A Romulan / Cardassian alliance could work, and would give plenty of breadth to what ships could be released, heck even throw the dominion in there .

If you like the merchant theme however, you could suggest that for the existing factions? No reason why merchant missions couldn't be designed, no game mechanics need to change much, just the missions are less about kill and more about collect/trade/protect etc.

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