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12-30-2012, 08:10 AM
I get a lot of bad reviews based on foundry bugs that I can't control if my life depended upon it. I get bad reviews because some enemies are 'too hard' for a minority of players. I get a lot of bad ratings with no review at all.

We have a mixed audience. Some are looking for I, Claudius, some are looking for Steven Hawking Explains it All, some are just looking for the monster truck pull. Looking at what is popular I'd say most are here for the monster truck pull. Dumb it way down and you'll still get bad reviews. Elevate it to the highest form of literature and you'll still get bad reviews.

The Review/Star system is poorly conceived for this environment. Given that (to pull a figure from nowhere) 80% of internet posting is going to contain poorly worded vitriol, and here that will be based largely on the fact that the poster didn't read a key piece of your dialogue, I think it needs to be removed. I think a simpler 'thumbs up' without even offering a thumbs down option would be better. I know, you immediately want the 'thumbs down' too. However anyone wishing to express displeasure could simply not click the thumbs up button and save on the negativity that is being spread around.

Note to reviewers:
It isn't like the foundry tips make this worth doing, when reviewing a mission keep that in mind. When your review berates something the author can't control or that you didn't read, it takes a layer of polish off the whole system. If you want to see improvement try to be constructive.
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