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the excelior class ships are fun ships to fly bur there 2 thing that bug me.
1# having three engineneering officers on the excelior to be kinda useless. the samething can be said for any cruiser in star trek online.

Here we go again. The engineer boffs on the Excel are not useless. When you set the higher ranking BOFF eng skills for DEM3 and other offensive skills, the Ensign eng spots still help defensive skill rotations shorter for healing and others. Eng boffs aren't useless if you find ways to use them.

Originally Posted by captiandata1 View Post
2# it would be a neat option to be able to put on differrent necells otiopns for the excelior class like ambassador class, galax class, and maybe sto odyssy class necells. i would also like to even see the enterprise b necells with red bussard clollectors.
That might be something they work on later (when they run out of hulls to sell)