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I thought the Borg plot line in Voyager was great, but I like anything to do with Borg in general. I don't understand the hate that a lot of this community feels for them. If they were removed, they would have to come up with some other super-powerful evil race hell-bent on our destruction. I for one, would prefer the Borg over some other far uglier race like the Undine. Cyborgs just look cool.
My beef wasn't with the presence of the Borg, I knew that was coming from Voyager's first day in the Delta Quardrant. My beef was that they took a drone and turned her into a bridge bunny for nothing more than ratings. Good writing will also draw viewers... My inlaws are hardly the typical demographic for Big Bang Theory and Two Broke Girls, yet the love them both, because of the quality of the writing.

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Also I would like to point out Seven wasn't the first to break the mold an not wear a uniform. Kira in DS9 didn't, and Counselor Troi in TNG didn't - and she was Starfleet!
Kira was a member of the Bajoran Militia... She wore the appropriate uniform till she was commissioned into Starfleet, and then, she wore a Starfleet uniform.

Agreed, Troi did get away with wearing civilian clothes on duty for a time (but they were always dresses, never a figure-hugging catsuit like Jeri and Jolene got sewn into...) but when Jellico was assigned as Captain, he politely informed her that he expected officers to wear uniform, and she never again wore her civilian clothes on duty... Picard let her get away with it, but it certainly wasn't 'standard practice' for all females in the fleet