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12-30-2012, 08:30 AM
Yeah, Damage Type consoles stack with each other (off of the base weapon damage, not cumulative), so they provide a bigger bonus than using a Weapon Type console. The latter are more useful if you're either mixing damage types(hybrids are usually better) or trying to boost a non-standard damage type(mostly exotic projectiles, like the harg torp or Ferengi Missiles or whathaveyou.). You won't reach min/max damage levels like that though.

To improve your cruiser's damage output, swap all the consoles to the same damage type and make sure you have a torp fore and/or aft to finish targets off. Beams or cannons, it's really your choice and a matter of how nimble your ship is. Single Cannons with turrets can be just as respectable on a cruiser as beams(beams - long range shield killers, cannons - short range all-purpose damage).

With that said, cruisers are not dps-mongering glass-cannons. Your role in a cruiser is to keep yourself and everyone else alive. Dead ships do no damage. If you want to do raw damage, fly an escort. If you want to manipulate the battlefield, fly a science ship.

The two most important things to look for in an escort are tactical console slots and tactical bridge officer slots. These will directly impact your damage the most. Engineering slots tend to compliment raw damage output more than science, but combat is not black and white and cases can be made for just about any variation. (Using a tractor beam to hold a ship next to another one that is exploding will do more damage than pretty much any engineering ability.)

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