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# 13 Is this possible?
12-30-2012, 08:31 AM
QUOTE=sargon999;7282071]Short Term:

I am sure that this may already been suggested. This is direclty for the the devs. I think that this is a very simple change and can be done rather easily. I propose a change to the load screen when warping between the sector blocks (any sector block) or all. I think that the LCARS screen looks pretty tired and boring. In order to improve the experience, have an actual warp screen. A star field with the stars flying past at different speeds. You could change the loading percentages to reflect the total distance traveled from current postion to destination. It does not have to be a complete redesign. The star field that is visible if you visit the shuttle bridge is a pretty easy screen to copy and paste. If you really wanted to get crazy, you could design a transwarp screen as seen in the Voyager series finale. Of couse, that was a Borg transwarp conduit but it can easily be FED like by adding the FED blue etc.. If you think about it, I think it will improve the the overall experience of the game and make it flow much better. The load screen is not on for long and really does not need to be but as long as it is - why not make it look cool!![/quote]