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12-30-2012, 08:44 AM
I'm currently using Polarized Disruptor DHC's and Turrets with the Romulan Plasma Torpedo in the front and the Borg Cutting Beam in the aft.

I use 1xRCS and 2xNuetronium Alloy consoles

2Field Emitters and Borg Assimilated Universal

4xDisruptor Energy Weps Console. Sometimes I swap one out for the Breen Energy Dissipator (I'm still on the fence about it's usefulness to give up a console slot).

I run TT1, Torpedo Spread II, CSVIII and CRFIII for my Cmdr. Tac

I run TT1, APB on my Lt. Tac

I run EPtS1, EPtWII on my Lt. Eng

I run ET1 on my Ens. Univ

I run PH1, HEII, TSSIII on my LtCmdr. Sci.

She does well enough but nothing spectacular. For me, it's just another ship to play around with. I get bored in any one ship after a while.

I'd say she handles like an Excel-R but can equipp DHC's and is a lot squishier than the Excel-R.