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12-30-2012, 09:57 AM
Short Term: please fix the balance of the Vesta and Warships and the C-store ships; these ships are supposed to be the best the fleet has to offer, and for the cost, we players are getting very little. The ships are claimed to be X but we're getting Y. An example of this is with the Heavy Cruiser from the C-store, it costs 1000 zen and mos people buy it to get the console which claims a Reduction in the time for transwarp (50% reduction in transwarp cooldown time and an increase in warp efficieny). However this console doesn't do this in the slightest. It increases the cooldown time rather than reducing it and if you already have your warp efficiency at 99 it doesn't add to it.

The Vesta is horribly under powered, it should at the very least have 4 weapon slots fore and aft. The quantum shielding isn't invulnerable, even if you're at full health and full power while draining from another attacking ship via energy siphon it can still (and on a far more regular basis than it should be) fail and your ship can still be destroyed.

The Breen Ghet warship from the winter wonderland is no where near as powerful as your website suggests. It's not on par with the Dreadnaught, even my Galor warship is better than it. This shouldn't be the case. (Noting the Galor didn't even come with a special item, just the spiral disruptors available via the dilithium store).

Fix clicking zone for missions; whenever I transwarp to say I don't know, Doomsday so I can get to the transwarp gate, or Stranded in space to go to ESD because the transwarp cooldown is ridiculously long even with my duty officer dropping it by half if I click anywhere on the screen (say to adjust the camera) I'm instantly pulled into the mission even though I haven't clicked the button. This needs to be fixed and there is no options that allow me to narrow that area of affect.

Medium range goals: Make the animated parts of the transwarp optional.
Transwarp nodes you can place in specific locations and transwarp to for free for a given period of time. (Say 12 hours).
Actual Crystalline Entity encounter (I've had the mission in my "in progress" menu for months but not once have I actually ever fought the crystalline entity.
Fully open ships; no more partial ships or little areas where you can only go into it at some point in time. An open ship that I can go into every room.
Price reduction in the C-store for Clothing. I shouldn't nor should anyone else have to pay 5.50$ for digital clothing. This is utter stupidity. .50$ sure, (50 zen), but no 550 zen.
More ways to get Omega Marks; replaying the same STFs is just a pain and boring.

Long Term
More story; this regional planetary stuff is boring; I joined this game because I'm a Star Trek fan not a WOW fan. I don't want to sit on my computer for hours on end grinding to get stuff. My time is far more valuable than that. I want storyline, I want episodes that are actually story driven.

Better Graphics; seriously with the Unreal Engine 5 coming out and other engines like the one used for Skyrim why your game isn't HD and with better graphics and better interactions I don't know.

Fixed clipping; I'm tired of running into objects and instead of stopping I just sort of slow down and get stuck.

Fix one hit kill shots: this is utter BS, we players can't get one hit kills but the NPCs can, I can't count anymore the number of times I've gone into battle with full shields full weapons full health and been dropped in a matter of seconds. This shouldn't happen and it's wearing thin.

My final request is there should be a new Fed or Klingon faction (or both) where you can play a Recluse or Free Borg with their own Borg ship line. They should have their own storyline with their own set of episodes separate from the ones that already exist.