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12-30-2012, 10:20 AM
Will the PvP Boot Camp become a requirement for playing PvP events?

Will the PvP Boot Camp enforce the use of TeamSpeak in all PvP events?

How will this new training camp promote tolerance between elite pvp players and pick up groups?

Since this is being considered as a 'boot camp', will there be new guidelines established for all PvP players?

Is the PvP Boot Camp a temporary or permanent fixture to "Star Trek: Online"?

Will the PvP Boot Camp be used to coverup Cryptic's inability to flesh out PvP battlegrounds and environments? PvP Boot Camp = Cryptic's inability to create a new PvP environment? Foundry Spotlight = Cryptic's inability to create a new set of featured episodes? Players doing the work in which Cryptic employees are responsible for?

If players are doing all the work, why are people paying Cryptic for their lack of services?

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