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Greetings all.

49 is relatively easy gameplay in all kinds of missions or PVE engagements

The jump to 50 is too big, this needs to be about 10 levels of content if not more as it is now. Because it is about that big a difference. PVP I expect to die quick till I level up a bit, but as the tank in PVE I expect not to die in 5 seconds or so, whereas pre 50 I was doing expectionally well as a tank.
Is this a bad joke or trollong or a real questin? In pvp you die faster then pve. If your on about stf then ur doing something very wrong. Do u need build set up advice?

ok off my smart phone and on my computer so i can try my best to help. if your a crusier you have so many heals on your ship ou should surieve and heal your team as well. now im a huge escourt player and in my defaint i can solo a dock on cure elite and pop the cube with no tric mine. full dhc load out with turrents. if i can do that in a defaint then u sure as heck can do that in a "tank". my engy is in a oddy and my sci is in either a intrepid or carrier. if you would like me to give you a spec for your tank just let me know. i can always give a link with skill points and bridge officer setup. to be honest go into the pvp fourms section and get your advice from there. they can min/max your build. i can as well. you will find so many people giving you a million answeres your head will spin. i can give a 100% space spec as well as a dule ground/space. as well as explain anything i did in the spec.

that is a basic example of a dule pve spec. its not what i would use since i never use rsp. but most do. to be honest i like using extends to heal team mates. now just key bind your epts and eptw with auto fire and sheild distro to space bar. now only use tt if your ship gets assulmated by the borg. other then that you will never need to use that tact team.

then there is power settings. i put my wep power to around 100 sheild power and engines gets pushed as low as it can and goes into aux. after that just cycle eps capt skill and bats. also red matter is an awesome device to have on a ship. also since you do see 2 copies of epts ( emergency power to sheilds) and ept (emergance power to weps) they can be run back to back since you see a total of 4 copies of eptx. so when its key bound you will see while epts is up eptw will also be up at the same time. so 2 systems getting boosted 24/7. key bind can be found here.

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