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12-30-2012, 10:33 AM
I know, I know.... I have had plenty of questions lately but here is another one

I have started to add points to my Rep system and have got myself a few bits from it so far. Assimilated console and deflector.

My question is how to I progress to Tier 2 ?

I am guessing that Tier 2 stuff is going to be better than Tier 1 stuff and so I would like to save my Dilithium for those if I can.

All it says it "Complete tasks in the same Tier to progress to the next"

So..... In doing that I unlocked an Antiproton assualt weopon in the store (Even though I don't want it) but it still will not let me progress ? The actual Tier 2 is highlighted in green, but I cannot select a new skill or do any new tasks ?

Am I forced to buy something freom EVERY section of Tier 1 ? Or even everything from Tier 1 ? Even though I don't want it ! ? !