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12-30-2012, 10:41 AM
Okay first off if you going to complain about how bad a ship is please go into more details try using this format

Explain your goal
For weapons
Aft weapons
All cons
BoFF Ability
And equipped doFFs
Then rage
Then ask how to fix it or make better

Okay now that I explained how you can get better feed back let me add my point to it for what you did post.

Your running to many types of weapons TCD's, transphasics, and AP DHC. That septet sections of a BoFF you need to spread out on a ship with set spots for tac. Next what heals did you have on at the time where you rotating buffs the right way. How where you flying the ship like (an escort or a cruser) which stf where you in and did you have the gate or tac cube aggroed. There are a lot of different things that might have lead to your death here.
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