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12-30-2012, 10:45 AM
Originally Posted by archofwinter View Post
The main toon I play with is a Sci-captain and I only have science vessels.
They are quite weak in STF when it comes to surviveability, so I hope this Chel Grett will become my primary STF ship.
I'll move all my transphasic and anti-proton weapons onto this ship.
This all depends on the performance of the ship. If it goes well, along with what ever science Boff I can assign to the station(s), I'll put in the dilithium and CE to make this an anti-Borg ship.
I'll also put the Borg assimilated set on this ship since I feel like this is the only ship where it will look good visually to have it on.
In STF's, you may want to consider some Plasma Resist consoles and MACO Shields. The Breen Ship has lower HP than Cruisers and the plasma burn, especially from Gates is nasty.