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Originally Posted by redricky View Post
This is almost exactly what I was planning, although I hadn't even considered the experimental array in the back with BO.

It might be a drop in the bucket but you could also pile on a fleet boost for sci skills to add a little more to particle generators.
the only thing you really need is the omega torp, its awesome. the set bonuses are nice, and fit well on such a plasma heavy build. i keep forgetting about those fleet bonus things, lol @ them being useable in pvp

Originally Posted by wuusta View Post
Is there anything i can replace the maco shield with? It takes a long time to get tier 5 reputation, and i wanna use something as close to it as possible during that time.
fleet advanced resistant capA is the closest, and second only to maco as far as shields go imo. but the fleet elite are even better actually if you can get one of those.
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