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12-30-2012, 10:46 AM
Originally Posted by natejam101 View Post
Like I said, not everyone wants to take part in that new romulas stuff..there is variety ground/space for omega, please give us variety ground/elite space for romulan stuff as well.
There is no variety in the Omega system. There are STFs, Borg Red Alerts, or Deferi Invasion. Compare that to Romulan Marks with team based content, red alert, various ground missions, repeatable story missions, radiation scanning, and epohh raising. The only solo content is the easy missions in the Deferi Invasions for Omega Marks. Omega Marks are easy for people that like to team, but is far more tedious for people that only solo. All thats necessary to get enough Romulan Marks to level up each day is do the Tau Dewa Daily every day or two. That is easy solo content while doing it on Deferi would take far too long each day.

If people that despise STFs need to run Elite STFs, then people that despise chasing after bunnies can do Epohh Raising. Only when there are better ways for Omega Marks through solo content should elite Romulan missions should be added.