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Originally Posted by kamiyama317 View Post
I thought the Borg plot line in Voyager was great, but I like anything to do with Borg in general. I don't understand the hate that a lot of this community feels for them. If they were removed, they would have to come up with some other super-powerful evil race hell-bent on our destruction. I for one, would prefer the Borg over some other far uglier race like the Undine. Cyborgs just look cool.

Also I would like to point out Seven wasn't the first to break the mold an not wear a uniform. Kira in DS9 didn't, and Counselor Troi in TNG didn't - and she was Starfleet!
The Borg are not "super powerful"
they are super lame
they always were

half a dozen men with chainsaws could de-assimilate an entire cube because borg physically fight like girls