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12-30-2012, 11:52 AM

Are you currently tired of all the expectations and drama associated with big fleets? Are you sick of the way other Fleet members behave and treat other members or just anyone else on STO? Would you like to be in a Fleet where the Admin's are willing to help you; whether it be with EC'S, equipment, or just advice? Well, come join us at the Star Gazer's Guild. We are a small, simple fleet with only two expectations. One is that members behave courteously to other members and to other players on STO, two is that members keep active(IE logging in like once a week or something). We don't demand that members donate to the Fleet Bank or that members participate in Fleet Actions or other events, all we want is for our members to have fun and feel comfortable where they are at. Check us out here:

or pm or email me on my main account on STO.

Jaimie Kirk@harleymichaels