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12-30-2012, 12:04 PM
Explain your goal: To be affective in game; I've used every type of ship in this game and I've utilized and experimented with each setup I can find and some of my own when it comes to Bridge Officer stations and skills. This particular ship offers very little for the time it took to get.
Fore weapons: Two Dual Beam Antiproton Advanced Fleet, one Anti-borg Antiproton DHC, One Tricobolt Anti-borg Acc X 3 device all MK XII
Aft weapons Two Spiral Disrupters (MK Ini) One Rapid Reload Transphasic Torpedo MK XI, One Breen Transphasic Torpedo Mine launcher (Mk Ini).
Deflector M.A.C.O. MK XII
Shields M.A.C.O. MK XII
All cons: Three Neutronium MK XII Purple Plating (engineering) 50% reduction to all damage. The Breen Energy Dissipation unit (universal), MK XII Shield Regeneration Setting unit +17% shield regen rate purple (science), two MK XII Emitter Array both +15% to shields. Universal Graviton Emitter (tactical slot), MK XII Transphasic Compressor Blue +29% damage by all transphasic devices. TCB Subspace Infuser MK X (Blue).
Devices: Shield Battery X 20, Polaron Dirupter Sat X 10, Engine Battery X 10
BoFF Ability: Ensing Universal: Engineer; Fire At Will 1, Cmndr Tactical: Tactical Team 1, Beam Fire At will III, Target Engines I, Dispersal Pattern Beta III. Lieutenant Tactical: Beam Overload I, Torpedo Spread II. L. Engineering: Engineering Team 1, Reverse Shield Polarity. Lt Cmndr Science: Polarize Hull I, Siphon Energy I, Feedback Pulse II
And equipped doFFs: Purple Engineer: reduce energy subsystem drain when using directed energy modulation, Blue Damage Control Engineer chance to reduce recharge time for emergency power to subsystem abilities, Blue Tractor Beam Officer (used when I swap to the Borg set), Purple Photonic Studies, Purple Astrometrics Scientist.

Complaint: As in OP; the ship fails miserably when in battle. I was destroyed several times in the last STF I was in (non-elite) something that rarely if ever happens in my escort or the Vesta. (Infected non-elite). It pulls agro like no other and I'm often the one attacked and destroyed.

I could increase potential effectiveness by going for full set of advanced fleet antiproton DHC but maneuverability is lacking with this ship. I could potentially increase the forward damage by equipping turrets but at the cost of rear attack power. The Boff setup is the one I use with the Vesta with decent effect while not optimized with this ship, I shouldn't have experienced 8 deaths and respawns during a non-elite STF. This is with me actively rerouting to shields, using shield batteries and using my tactics for survival which are developed from the fact that most ships in this game, in my express opinion, are way under powered for several of the STF and PVEs that exist.

On the matter of the Vesta: for the cost of the three pack I expected far more from it. Essentially the same setup, except I use three of the Aux DHC that came with the set and I have the MK XI scorpions from the Romulan tier system.

The problem that exists with the Vesta is that the modules do not work as promised. Quantum Focused Shield Bubble that is supposed to make you invulnerable for a short period based on your available Aux power doesn't make you invulnerable.

As reported on the website once activated it should make you immune to: most all damage, tractor beams, and the Borg Plasma bolt. However, even with full power full health siphoning power off the (at the time) Vessel of 8 of 9 the plasma bolt destroyed my ship (mid countdown on the activation). You do not become immune to tractor beams either, while you do gain some maneuverability back it is still highly restrained (and no better than evasive maneuvers).

The The Quantum Field Focus generator does as it's supposed to but leaves you vulnerable and has a very narrow attack arc (not even the 90 degrees they claimed), while it's damage is fairly high it's almost as useless as some of the MK IV stuff against high level enemies because it doesn't cut through shields like it's supposed to.

The ONLY module of the Vesta pack that works as described is Multidimensional Wave-Function Analysis Module universal console. And while it does do it's job, it doesn't work always, I've had Borg Plasma bolts cut right through the field and hit me killing me in the process as if the field wasn't active. I will admit it is highly effective against shields if you get close enough however.

Besides this, the weapon slots on this ship aren't enough. It should be four fore and four aft not three on three.

My complaints are about flaws in design and development not in my game play. I've run every STF and I've played well over seven months now in this game with three other characters. I honestly expect more from things like the Vesta Pack and the warships that are supposed to be at a given level. I expect more from the ships that they are asking me to purchase with real money too. Yet every ship I've purchased from the C-store has been either under powered or the item I bought it for (specific consoles for example the Advanced Transwarp computer from the Heavy Cruiser Refit) haven't worked as described. If you can tell me how to make the Ghet warship more effective please do so. But right now I'm just disappointed all around with this game.