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Originally Posted by flash525 View Post
The ship was free, all it required was 5 minutes (if that) out of your day. If you don't like it, don't use it. If you want to quit the game because of a ship, then quit the game. Stop whinging.

I too acquired the Breen Warship (more so because I could rather than because I wanted one). I like the bridge officer layout, but I can't say I'm overly fond of the ship, and alike you, I also found myself not handling well in STF's (though I should note here I went up against the Borg using Polaron weaponry, and I still think that was a bad idea. Talk about shooting blanks).

Still, what did I do? Come here and complain? No. I jumped back in to an older ship and continued on my merry way.

Edit: For what it's worth, I think the Chel Grett should be underpowered. They're hardly the pride of Starfleet, and the Chel Grett, as with many lock box ships is either on par, or more powerful than various fleet ships. That shouldn't be the case at all.
My complaint isn't necessarily with the fact that it's under powered, it is with the fact that it was misrepresented by the developers as being on par with the other warships in the game, it's not. The developers of the game have consistently overhyped the ships claiming that they can do various things and then undermining those claims by giving less than what they promised. This is the case with the Vesta Pack and is the case with the Dreadnaught, and even the Dreadnaught is better than the Ghet warship but in their online comparison they should be on par with each other.

Further; it is not user error; I've encountered hundreds of glitches and issues with this game, if it was my error I'd not be complaining. So to all of you who keep insisting it's my error, stop. You're wasting my time in solving the issues I'm experiencing.