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Originally Posted by lordrelentless View Post
I'd have to call you a liar here or a cheat then.
I don't think it's actually possible to cheat in STO. There might be a workaround for some things though, and god knows there are enough bugs to work around.

Originally Posted by lordrelentless View Post
My complaint isn't necessarily with the fact that it's under powered, it is with the fact that it was misrepresented by the developers as being on par with the other warships in the game, it's not. The developers of the game have consistently overhyped the ships claiming that they can do various things and then undermining those claims by giving less than what they promised. This is the case with the Vesta Pack and is the case with the Dreadnaught, and even the Dreadnaught is better than the Ghet warship but in their online comparison they should be on par with each other.
In one respect they've got to hype up a new release else they'd never get the attention. On the other hand, if the made each new ship as powerful (or moreso) than the last one, each new ship release would make the previous one redundant. They've already done this countless times which, if you ask me, is a bad move.

Games like this shouldn't be "I have the biggest, baddest, most powerful ship going". It should be a collection of ships, all set up roughly the same, though with minor tweaks to each of them allowing for a unique player configuration. The sole reason I don't play PvP is because people go in with all the new flashy expensive toys. It takes the fun out of the experience. I'd rather go and play against a equal player who can win or lose against me because of their setup and style rather than because they've got the best ship.