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12-30-2012, 12:54 PM
Just want to say cheers to the coaches and cryptic for settin up and runnin this boot camp, although I agree there was not much information gained that i did not already know it was worth it just for gettin to know and now added pvp friends.

I look forward to the rest of the boot camp and hats off to these guys for volunteerin there time and patience to bestow this knowledge for our benefit

Cheers Stryke and see u on the battlefield

P.S - linyive why dont u take ur negativity somewhere else, this game is F2P and u can achieve so much in this game without ever payin a penny so ur comment -
"If players are doing all the work, why are people paying Cryptic for their lack of services?"
makes no sense to me.....I feel guilty sometimes that I have only payed 20 euro out of my own pocket in the 9 months I have been playin this game, yet cryptic keep on givin me more game to play......if ur not happy with STO go play something else

also oldlordskull73 I was in same boat, did not receive an in game mail up to the day b4 the boot camp started, but i went and contacted one of the coaches myself and problem solved..... but im sure sittin around in game twiddlin ur thumbs would have work just aswell

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