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12-30-2012, 01:03 PM
At a 1 km range (that's a 100 football fields and almost another), yeah, a beam rifle would loose power, and would never hit its target. But 10-15 meters isn't really a distance for any phaser, and would lose very little power and not even be worth measuring.
Depending on atmosphere , gravity , weather etc

A powerful enough laser would also be able to hit at that range without losing a whole lot of power.
actually lasers are RUBBISH in atmosphere they bend in water vapour , disipate in smoke etc

But take a standard laser pointer. At 10 meters, it would loose power. Ok, miniguns, yeah I see your point there. Now that I think about it, a minigun on STO is different from your typical pulse cannon (or a Type IV Rifle).
the pulse weapons have a lot more power than the pistols and can even deliver knock back (in defiance of the laws of physics)