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08-28-2009, 09:15 PM
I think Craig's comments in these interviews may be the first true official word that Perpetual had no deliverables developed beyond artwork:

"We bought the licence from Perpetual and got all of their assets," Zinkievich told NowGamer. "We looked at the concept art, which was really, really cool, but they didn't really have a game. There were no in-game assets that we could use in our engine."
Maybe I'm still not cynical enough about this industry, but I find that shocking. Perpetual's announcement that they had the license to make a MMORPG based on Star Trek came in September of 2004... and their announcement that they were giving up that license came in January of 2008.

So for over three years, Perpetual did nothing but work on design docs, tools, and sample artwork?


Just... wow.