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They don't need to touch the skin. All they need to is alter some code and create a new ship slot. I've done a bit of programming in college, and trust me when I say my proposal really isn't that hard. If they know what they're doing (I'd assume they do) it would take an hour, if that.
Creating a new model, tying in LoD skins, skins from various sets, damage vfx, weapon hardpoints, engine trails and more will take a hell of a lot more than an hour. They're not going to take an existing ship, change two data points and re-sell it for 25 bucks.

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The Andorian Cruiser? Nah. I can't see them putting that in a lock box. The reason these other alien ships are in the boxes is cause CBS allegedly didn't want every Tom, **** and Harry flying around in them. The Vulcan ship they didn't have a problem with (Vulcan is a member of Starfleet, it stands to reason they'd have a couple of their own ships still in service; same applies to the Andorian). I'd be very surprised if the Andorian ship was a lock box ship.
It's coming with a bridge. No ship released post Odyssey/Bortasqu that comes with a bridge has been a non-lockbox ship. Add in the known demand for it, and it's 100% ripe for yet another PWE cash grab.