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12-30-2012, 02:32 PM
jumpingjs, I keep getting the same issue. Logging into the Gateway for the first time (Accessing Secure Personnel Files) takes a long while -- during which it generates those emails to us, and sometimes it doesn't take. I was able to enter the number code and it still said Disconnected. Even after I chose my active character it kicked me out while I was in the Accolades screen twice and said Disconnected again!

Yo Cryptic devs, maybe you should fix those bugs soon and add some functions so we can do something with the Gateway like send duty officers on missions or refine dilithium? I made the suggestion for a smartphone app years ago and I am still waiting!

PS. I am using IE 9.0.8112 on a Windows 7 computer. My smartphone is a Samsung Galaxy Nexus running Android.